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Product Designer (Growth)

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Product Designer (Growth)

At Eedi we are helping children build the skills and confidence to thrive in a rapidly changing world. 

We're laser focused on making maths more accessible and enjoyable for children, first in the UK, then in other markets.

We raised a £3.5M Seed round in March 2020 led by LEGO Ventures and have ample funding to grow. 

Salary: £35K - £65K depending on experience

Full-time · Remote

Quick Summary: 

Eedi is an exciting company with high business potential and early signs of success - good retention, high customer satisfaction, and a strong team.

This is a role with a high degree of autonomy, but also mentorship.

It is an exciting space to do growth and build products - the dynamics between parents, children, teachers, and schools are fascinating and there's a lot of natural opportunities to create delightful experiences (think: confetti rain after struggling with a hard problem or getting a reward pack in the mail as a child)

Six months ago we released our beta version of Eedi Family, an online tutoring platform, aimed at helping children to build maths confidence at home.

Last month we launched our first Seasonal event, a free Maths Summer Club in the UK, and we have around 3,000 children completing Eedi lessons weekly.

What does success look like?

Our company goal is to 100x our weekly active users in the next 12 months and achieve £1M monthly recurring revenue, while keeping high standards in lesson satisfaction and learning levels.

To achieve this, our goal as the Growth team is to:

  • Acquire new qualified customers to try our product
  • Convert customers from leads to trials to paying customers to evangelists
  • Provide other teams with analytics, insights, and processes to help them build the things that'll improve conversion and learning.

In your first:

30 days

You'll understand the ins and outs of Eedi, and will drive the design inputs for new features in the growth roadmap, contribute to our design system, and get your first designs through our processes

90 days

You've been able to release several designs high on impact initiatives that'll drive acquisition or conversion. You have a solid understanding of who you're designing for and the nuances of designing for our different personas.

180 days

You'll be able to actively contribute to making design at Eedi, and be able to rally your vision for how design can drive growth and engagement across the company. You are the go-to person on how we make learning more engaging, simple or viral.

What you'll be doing:

This is a rare opportunity to join an early stage startup solving a human problem at a pivotal moment.

We have set up a robust analytics framework that helps us make data-informed decisions. (Stack: Segment, Mixpanel, Intercom) and do all of our design work in Figma.

Reporting directly to our Head of Growth, Martín (Hi there! 👋) you'll:

  • Work with a small team of 2 developers and PM and shape our vision for growth in a delightful interface
  • Adopt, maintain, and expand our design system with our design lead
  • Maintain and expand our marketing website's components
  • Create experiences that will motivate children to want to learn little and often
  • Help parents understand how their children are doing in maths and how they can improve
  • Build a referral, system for children, parents, and schools
  • Create fun ways to engage children with their learning: avatar stores, seasonal passes, schools leagues, streaks, offline rewards, achievements etc.
  • Help internationalise onboarding flows for new markets
  • Experiment with a freemium monetisation model

What you'll need:

  • We're looking for a designer that can move quickly and work with a strong hypothesis based approach. To learn the most about our customers we'll be doing a lot more iterations and small releases than in a more established company.
  • We don't have hard years of experience pre-requisites for the role, but 2+ years of design experience in a technology driven company is likely a good proxy that you have the skills we need (you could also be a fresh out of uni if you've worked in collaborative design projects).
  • We believe that product and growth are not just a technical endeavours: you need to be able to connect the dots of what the data and customer insights tell you. You need to be able to talk to customers and users (yes, sometimes children 😱) and understand what their issues are.
  • You can tell good stories and have affinity with videos games
  • You need to be able to break down ambiguous goals into actionable design with small, testable hypotheses that can be implemented quickly.
  • You need to be happy with getting out of your comfort zone: you might need to write copy, design ads, learn Webflow, or design packaging for our Little Mystery Packs!
  • You need to champion our mission and become obsessed with our customers

Regarding your work ethic:

  • You own your mistakes and learn from them.
  • You’re able to pick yourself up when things go wrong.
  • You keep pushing to make things better for our students, parents, and teachers.
  • You get things done reliably.
  • You have high expectations from yourself and others.

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